Automatic plane labeling machine for food bag

Country: Poland   Company name: IESP   Industry: food

Customer Requests

  • 1)Can use for 7 kinds of bags,the biggest size is 250x350mm,biggest label size is 160x230mm   2) Must with feeder   3) Can work with doypack with zip   4)Can work for transparent labels

  • Large-scale production lacks fast labeling and high-efficiency equipment.


the customer asked for flat labeling machine, customer’ bags have zipper, biggest bag size is 250x350mm, and biggest label size is 160x230mm, and need to label transparent labels. We propose two solution: 1st solution automatic flat labeling machine without feeder, our standard machine conveyor width is 200mm, make 300mm width of conveyor belt, place label in vertical position. 2nd solution:automatic flat labeling machine with automatic bag feeder, since customer’s bag have a zipper, make sure divide bags with no problem with feeder, place label the bag in the horizontal position, make 400mm width of the conveyor and 230mm width of label head to fit bag labeling.We find similar bags to test and send both solutions workings videos, customer satisfied with 2nd solution and happy to place machine order to us. Winskys always find best way to resolve customer’s labeling problem, and happy to be customer best friend in China

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Automatic plane labeling machine for food bag

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