Automatic positioning round bottle labeling machine for bottles

Country: Australia   Company name: Siaamm   Industry: Health care

Customer Requests

  • 1) Special logo printed on the bottle already,label must put on another opposite side of bottle,and make sure the label on the same position   2) Must work for 3-4 types different size bottle (350ml,500ml,750ml,1000ml)

  • Large-scale production lacks fast labeling and high-efficiency equipment.


There is logo printed on bottle already and it is on one side of bottle, label need to be put on another opposite side of bottle, so when labeling, label must be put on fixed site not to cover that logo. We add special detecting system to detect that bottle logo and rewrite program based on these special bottle with logo itself, also bottle sensor need to be upgraded into special one. In this case, bottle can be labeled on fixed side so that label will not cover logo. After we show this machine video and customer are very happy with it.We can offer different proposal based on different special bottle and labeling requirment, it will be better to send us your bottle samples to confirm final solution for you so that you confirm machine work with it.

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Automatic positioning round bottle labeling machine for bottles

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