Does the food industry need a labeling machine?

Yes, the label machine not only improves efficiency and packaging quality, but also reduces food safety issues, especially in the COVID-19 this year.

Food safety has been a topic of common concern all over the world, especially after the COVID-19 virus this year, cases of viruses found in food continue to appear, endangering human health. Automated machinery production can reduce the number of employees and the frequency of employees' contact with food during the production process, and reduce the risk of plant shutdown due to the virus. Food safety is very important to a food company. It not only represents the credibility of the company, but also directly affects the survival and development of the company.

In addition to the quality of the food itself, food companies must also let consumers know the main ingredients, efficacy, production date and storage date of the product, so as to avoid overdue products.Therefore, food label is very important for food safety and not just for packaging. For a fast-growing company, manual labeling simply cannot meet production needs. For medium and large enterprises with a long-term consideration, a labeling machine with better quality and faster speed, then production capacity will able to keep up with the surge in market demand in the future after the end of the covid-19 virus.

How to choose the most suitable labeller for your food?

According to your budget, current production efficiency, available space in the factory, machinery and equipment, and planned use of containers and labels, etc.

1. Budget

Different degrees of automation, labeling machine have different prices. In a way, your budget determines the level of automation of the labeling machine you will use. I can roughly tell you the price range of different types of labeling machines.

China labeler price range.jpg

The above data is based on the market price of labeling machines with the lowest configuration in China. If you want to get an accurate and professional customized labeling machine solution, you can contact our labeler experts to solve your specific situation.

2. Production efficiency

Time is money, used by any fast-growing company. If you are still in the low-efficiency production stage of manual labeling, I suggest you choose semi automatic labeling machine or tabletop labeling machine to get you out of trouble. If you pursue higher speed, the automatic sticker labeling machine is your best choice. The maximum speed that WINSKYS fully automatic models can reach 700 pcs/min.

Speed of different labeling machine models.jpg

3. Factory available space and mechanical equipment

Regardless of whether the labeling machine is your only automated equipment or connected to your existing production line, first you have to consider whether your factory can put down your "new friends", and secondly whether the labeling machine can be compatible with your existing production line without affecting your normal production.

4. Containers and labels

Good packaging is very important for your product sales, and also for choosing a labeling machine. Different shapes of containers, different labeling methods and different label materials can be selected for different labeling machine models and functions.For example, round bottles, jars and cans are suitable for roller round bottle labeler.Round beer and wine bottles are suitable for positioning round bottle labeler.

What information should I know about the labeling machine manufacturer?

  • Has the machine been certified by a third-party agency?

  • Is a reliable brand selected for the core components of the machine?

  • Can they provide supporting installation and operating instructions and videos?

  • Can they accept home repair service?

  • How long is the warranty period?

  • Experience is also an important criterion for considering a manufacturer.

Purchasing a labeling machiney is a big investment. Of course, you don’t want to cooperate with a manufacturer that produces low-quality machines. You are looking for a long-term partner, so after-sales service is very important.If he has a large number of customer cases about your industry, it can greatly reduce your procurement time and meet your customized needs.

What kind of food label is suitable for label applicator?

Self adhesive food label

Self-adhesive labels are the choice of most food companies. Food stickers can be roughly divided into paper and film. Both types of label materials can be labeled with a labeling machine. The difference is that some labels with high transparency need to be added to the labeling machine to increase the accuracy of labeling.

Comparison of paper and film labels.jpg

Image source: WINSKYS label design

Choose WINSKYS labeling machine

WINSKYS is one of the few manufacturers in China that specializes in the field of labeling machines. It is particularly good at providing labeling machine solutions for round, oval or cone containers. It has a history of more than 10 years. High-quality machines and perfect after-sales service have allowed us to have many long-term partners, especially in food, beverage, daily, cosmetics and medical insurance. 

We have a large number of customer cases.We can provide you with a customized labeling machine solution that is unique to you, so that your machine cost can be quickly offset by the production revenue and continue to create more value for you. Contact us to get your custom labeler solution for free.

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