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According to a research report on the beer industry by the well-known statistical data website "statista", they made the following predictions for the future development of the beer market:



Although the covid-19 pandemic this year has had a certain impact on the revenue of the beer market, the beer market will has great potential for development in the future. This means that manufacturers need to improve their competitiveness faster than ever before and prepare for the upcoming market recovery. The automatic round bottle labeler is one of the good ways to improve your competitiveness. It can help you gain advantages in packaging appearance and output.

Reason 1:Improve production efficiency.

Manual labeling or semi automatic labeling machines are normally the first choice for small breweries. But soon you will find that these methods cannot meet your requirements. Especially if your beer bottle neck and bottle both require labels, the efficiency of labeling will be slower.

The speed of an ordinary automatic label machine is 3-5 times that of a semi automatic label machine, while the speed of an automatic high speed labeling machine can reach more than 10 times this. It can not only increase the speed, but also reduce labor costs in labeling. It is better to put the team into higher value work (such as quality inspection), so that the human resources will more efficient and reasonable, and the pass rate of the product is also higher.

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Reason 2:Pressure-sensitivePSadhesive labels are the best choice.

Low cost. The initial cost of PS labels for digital printing is very low. Pressure sensitive labels have an adhesive on their substrate, making them easier to stick to your bottles and cans. More importantly, it can accept short-term orders, which provides flexibility for short-term production of most small and medium breweries and can boldly develop new products to test the market. And if you print the design directly on the jar, your fault tolerance rate will be very low. Once the new product fails, these jars will be invalid.

Durability. No matter the PS label is in a humid or cold environment, its adhesive can be retained. You definitely don't want your beer to fall off the label after in the freezer or being soaked for a long time. This will greatly affect the consumer experience and question the quality of the product.

Can be put into automated production. PS labels can be placed directly on the label plate of the labeling machinery in rolls, and the glue is already on the label. The labeling process of the label applicator machine will be very simple and fast.



Reason 3:Increase the competitiveness of products.

In addition to the quality of the product itself, the biggest competition among beer is packaging——the label plays the most important role. Personalised beer bottles label is not only for conveying product information, but for consumers the label represents the first impression of the product, especially for new products or new brands. The automatic round bottle labeling machine ensures the uniformity of beer labels, and labeling problems such as label blistering and label wrinkles can be completely solved.

All in all, the fully automatic labeling machine for round bottle guarantees the visual competitiveness of your beer.



Reason 4:Labeling equipment can do much more work including beer bottles and cans.

The automatic round bottle labeling machine has strong adjustability and adaptability. High-quality labeling machines have an adjustable range for labels and product sizes. It only takes a few minutes of adjustment to switch between different products. Avoid you losing a lot of time.

The adjustability of the machine is particularly important for 2020. The Covid-19 virus is now spread all over the world, and it will continue for several years. The global economy has been greatly adversely affected. In order to survive, companies have to transform and produce products that are in high demand in a particular period. If the adjustment of the machinery and equipment on the existing production line is low, you can only purchase new machines, which will greatly increase your costs. On the contrary, the machines with high adjustment can save you a lot of costs and time, let you get orders faster.


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WINSKYS recommended models

As a self adhesive sticker labeling machine manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience, we have many successful customer cases in the beer industry. I will sincerely recommend our most popular model——ST-21100,which is high speed and stability. If your label is made of transparent material or there is a need for positioning labeling, I would recommend another——ST-21200. The price of these two models may be high at first, but the value created for you is much higher than its cost. If your budget is too low or you have not planned to overextend the scale of production, I would recommend ST-510. It is close to the semi-automatic size and price, but with fully automatic labeling function, it is the most cost-effective labeling machine .

Still no clue? Contact our labeling experts to give you a suitable custom labeling solution.

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